Pohansko Fortified Settlement

Pohansko Fortified Settlement

The archaeological conservation area, Pohansko, is ranked by experts as one of the most important early medieval monuments in the territories occupied by Slavic nations. At the turn of the 8th and 9th century a Slavic fortified settlement was built here, of an oval shape, covering the total area of 28 ha, with huge, four-meter-high walls and with a feudal lord’s court. Besides the court, the Great Moravia church with four hundred lavishly furnished graves was also examined; the same applied to craft objects and a massive bailey.

Pohansko Mansion

South of Břeclav, on the rampart on the Great Moravia fortified settlement, an empire mansion was built in the years 1810–1811 according to the plans of Josef Hardtmuth. Currently the mansion houses an archaeological exhibition documenting the results of the local large-scale archaeological excavations.

Opening hours

April–October: Tue–Sun 10:00–18:00

Entrance fee

full: 50 CZK


Zámeček Pohansko - slovanské hradisko Pohansko
Pohansko 206
690 02 Břeclav


phone number: +420 519 374 248, +420 739 236 640

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