Chateau Park and Greenhouse

The Lednice chateau park is one of the world’s important works of garden art. It was created by an aristocratic family of Lichtenstein, who gradually developed it into a park already then called the Garden of Europe.

The first exotic trees were brought here in the late 18th century; gradually a rare collection of North American trees was formed. The park was often flooded by the Dyje river, and so the owners of the estate decided to build an extraordinary irrigation system. They dug a huge pond and created a set of islets. In the 19th century the park was transformed into what it is today, reminding us of old Italian and French gardens.

Along the main axis the vista of the park is ended by the minaret, built on wooden piles on marshy land. The park also includes the replica of a Roman aqueduct connected with a heaped rock that hides a romantic artificial cave called Hell. Waterfall was falling on the pond from the rocks. The park with a rich collection of plants and trees is organically linked with the surrounding countryside.

Adjacent to the chateau and in the park there is a palm-house with the collection of tropical and subtropical plants. The building of the glasshouse with its modern iron and semicircular structures was extremely innovative in its time (it was completed in 1845). It still belongs among outstanding technical monuments. The greenhouse is 92 metres long, 13 metres wide and 10 metres high; the roof structure is carried by two rows of cast-iron pillars in the shape of bamboo stalks, and the planting under the roof of glass shingles creates the perfect illusion of subtropical and tropical vegetation.

Opening hours

February, March, November, December: Sat, Sun 9:00–16:00
April–October: Tue–Sun 9:00–16:00
May–September: Tue–Sun 9.00–17.00
Noon break is 12:00–13:00.

Entrance fee

full: 50 CZK
discount: 25 CZK


Zámecký park a skleník
Státní zámek Lednice, Zámek 1
691 44 Lednice


phone number: +420 519 340 128
fax: +420 519 340 210

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