Health and Relaxation

Mikulov – Aquarium Relax (709x472, 76.77 KB)
Lázně Lednice (800x533, 158.93 KB)
Lázně Lednice (400x600, 23.84 KB)
Pasohlávky – termální bazén hotelu Termal (800x533, 62.05 KB)
Pavlov – wellness centrum hotelu Iris (800x531, 78.10 KB)
Visit us to Care for your Health and to Relax.

You may stay in a modern spa with iodobromine mineral water in Lednice, situated in a close proximity to the chateau park. In the Pasohlávky holiday area, you will find a wellness centre in the Termal Mušov Hotel with an outdoor thermal swimming pool and sauna. Other hotels and some sport centres in the region also offer a wide range of wellness services.

Pleasant environment and a wide range of appropriate additional activities, such as walks, sightseeing or participating in cultural events are the necessary ingredients of your quest for health and relaxation. Even in this aspect, the wide offer of the Pálava and Lednice-Valtice areas will satisfy your requirements.

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