Valtice (600x400, 116.01 KB)
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Mikulovská vinařská stezka (450x600, 61.90 KB)
You would hardly find places with such good conditions for cycle tourism as those in the Pálava region and the Lednice-Valtice Area. The local cycle routes, safe and passable even for the youngest cyclists, will guide you towards attractive tourist destinations.

Routes connecting chateaus and minor structures of the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape belong among the most favourite ones. Marked tourist routes in the area of the Pálava hills or any of the wine routes, especially the Mikulov Wine Route, offer beautiful views and a little bit difficult profile. If you decide to come by bike or if you wish to go on cycling, you may use one of the long distance cycle routes, such as Greenways, connecting Prague and Vienna, or the Amber Trail, which brings bikers from Brno and from the North, as far as from far-away Poland, through the Pasohlávky recreation site, and which continues in the direction to Vienna.

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