The Pálava Region

Mikulov - obří sud na mikulovském zámku (603x600, 106.58 KB)
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Sedlec - zastavení na Mikulovské vinařské stezce (800x600, 158.08 KB)
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Come and get acquainted with the taste of the Pálava wines, the aroma of a wine cellar and the charm of the vineyard landscape. The region of Pálava, which is the centre of the Mikulov viniculture sub-region, is famous especially with its white varieties – Ryzlink vlašský (Welschriesling) and Veltlínské zelené (Veltliner Green). The secret of the excellent quality of the local wines consists not only in the unique natural conditions but also in the manners of wine growing and processing of grapes, which are environment-friendly.

Mikulov, Perná, Bavory and Sedlec belong among the most important wine-growing municipalities. Several local varieties of wine have been created in the wine growing and cultivation station in Perná, such as the Pálava variety.
You may get lots of knowledge of wine growing and wine visiting the museum exposition in the Mikulov chateau. The exposition also includes the Giant Barrel, the volume of which is 101 thousand litres. The Mikulov Educative Wine Route will guide you to the places of interest related to wine growing. Among other sites, it will take you to the baroque wine cellars in Pavlov, which are protected unique monuments of folk architecture. You may also follow similar topical routes nearby Novosedly and Pavlov. Two cycling Moravian wine routes – the Mikulov and Moravian Wine Routes – are rather longer.
The most important wine-related event, which you surely should not miss, is the Pálava Wine Festival held in Mikulov in September. However, there is a number of wine-tasting events and wine expositions held all the year round to which you are kindly invited.


The Pálava Region
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National Nature Reserve of Dunajovické kopce Březí Dolní Dunajovice Dobré Pole Brod nad Dyjí
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NPR Křivé jezero Milovice
•  Protected area •  Bottomland landscape and waters
Kostel sv. Jiljí Dolní Dunajovice
•  Religious Sites
PR Slanisko Dobré Pole
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Naučná stezka Věstonická nádrž
Naučná stezka Věstonická nádrž Pasohlávky
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Kostel sv. Jana Nepomuckého Brod nad Dyjí
•  Religious Sites


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