The Pálava Region

The Pálava Region belongs to such places which have attracted people from time immemorial, and we believe that even you will not be able to resist its magic. You may immerse yourself in its history, admiring the monuments of the urban historical Reserve, the ruins of the Pálava castles, and in Dolní Věstonice, you will get acquainted with the way of life of the creators of the Věstonice Venus.

While wandering through the Pálava natural reserves, you may admire rare examples of steppes, which, especially in the spring, offer marvellous views of flowering pheasant’s eyes and irises. You will also find there an example of real floodplain forest and a very rare locality grown with halophytic vegetation. There are two educative routes where you will obtain knowledge of the area.

If you are a Moravian-wine lover and you are interested in wine growing, you may visit the Pálava vineyards and wine cellars scattered along the educative viniculture routes. One of such routes begins in the Mikulov chateau, where there is also a museum exposition dedicated to viniculture. In the exposition, you may also see the most famous exhibit of the museum – the Giant Barrel. The Pálava region really lives by its viniculture traditions. The Wine Festival, organised during the vindemiation, is the best example of such traditions. The Pálava Wine Festival belongs to the most famous festivals of its kind in the Czech Republic. However, the offer of cultural events is even more diversified.

In Mikulov, you can find an interesting gallery of works of contemporary art, created in the Workshop art symposium; the international guitar festival or the Eurotrialog festival have also become famous. The Holy Virgin pilgrimage to the Holy Hill over Mikulov boasts of the longest, almost four hundred-year old tradition.

You may get acquainted to the Pálava region hiking or cycling in the beautiful marked tourist routes. You may admire the landscape from a horseback, you may enjoy sports activities or fishing. You can never become bored.


The Pálava Region
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Tourist sights

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National Nature Reserve of Dunajovické kopce Březí Dolní Dunajovice Dobré Pole Brod nad Dyjí
•  Fauna and flora •  Protected area
NPR Křivé jezero Milovice
•  Protected area •  Bottomland landscape and waters
PR Slanisko Dobré Pole
•  Protected area
Naučná stezka Věstonická nádrž
Naučná stezka Věstonická nádrž Pasohlávky
•  Nature trails and bike paths
Kostel sv. Jiljí Dolní Dunajovice
•  Religious Sites
Muzeum čs. opevnění U Starého lomu Novosedly
•  Military monument


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