The wine municipality of Přítluky lies in a flat country, about 15 km to the northeast of Mikulov and 15 km to the northwest of Břeclav.


Přítluky was founded in the early 13th century. At the end of the 16th century, the village became the property of the Lichtenstein family. Already in the 14th and 15th century, the village was famous for its vineyards and quality wine. Near Přítluky, the oldest Old-Slavic burial place of in South Moravia was found, where old Slavs were buried under barrows in the 5th-7th centuries.


The main landmark of the municipality is the Church of St. Margaret (Czech: Sv. Markéta) from 1784 with a Gothic centre. A detached church tower comes from 1762. Today, listed sculptures of St. John of Nepomuk (Czech: Jan Nepomucký), St. Vendelin, the Holy Trinity and St. Florian are near the Church. Other listed monuments include three wayside shrines at the road to Nové Mlýny and Rakvice.


Along the Thaya (Czech: Dyje) river, there are meadow forests with English Oak and Narrow-leafed Ash and pools on their edges and cut-off lakes (e.g. Mahenovo jezero – Bannwasser). The most precious remainder of the floodplain is the National Nature Reserve of Křivé jezero.


Obecní 11
691 04 Přítluky


phone number: +420 519 349 303 (305)
fax: 519 349 303
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