The wine municipality of Rakvice lies in the flat agricultural country, about 18 km to the northeast of Mikulov and 15 km to the northwest of Břeclav.


The first written mention of Rakvice dates back to 1248, but earlier settlement was proven by findings of Slavic pottery. Rakvice became known to historians and numismatics due to frequently found coins, with the most famous being the so-called “Rakvice Treasure” from the beginning of the 12th century discovered in 1886.


The main landmark of the municipality is the Church of St. John the Baptist (Czech: Sv. Jan Křtitel) built around 1700 in the place of the Chapel of St. Andrew (Czech: Sv. Ondřej) demolished in 1604 by the Bocskay. In front of the Church, there is a listed sculpture of St. John of Nepomuk (Czech: Sv. Jan Nepomucký, 1775, by sculptor Tomáš Schweigl) and a Baroque cross (mission cross from 1803 with a cryptogram).


In the area of the municipality, there is an interesting nature site – the Kutnar pool, and several small sites with halophytic flora.


Náměstí 22
691 03 Rakvice


phone number: +420 519 349 100, 519 349 204
fax: 519 349 205
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