Břeclav lies on the Dyje river on the border of two notable areas – Lednice-Valtice Area and Podluží. The Great Moravia fortified settlement discovered at Pohansko shows that Břeclav belongs to sites with the oldest Slavic settlement in the country. Břeclav is quite rightfully referred to as a place hidden in the greenery. Upstream the Dyje river there is the Kančí obora floodplain game preserve, the Boří les forest planted in the wind-driven sand stretches towards Valtice, and downstream the Dyje river there are very valuable floodplain forests of the confluence of the Morava river. Břeclav can not boast architectural treasures like, for example, Lednice and Valtice; Břeclav, however, possesses interesting Jewish monuments and religious architecture. Břeclav lives a rich cultural and social life. The most important folkloric events include Hudecké Days or St. Wenceslas Festival. The tourist offer is complemented by quality services and by sports facilities.



nám. T.G. Masaryka 3
690 81 Břeclav


phone number: +420 519 311 111
fax: +420 519 372 334

Tourist sights

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Pohansko Fortified Settlement Břeclav
•  Museum •  Cycling
Jewish Cemetery Břeclav
•  Jewish monument
St. Wenceslas Church Břeclav
•  Religious Sites
Galerie A. V., Antonín Vojtek Břeclav
•  Gallery
Muzeum lehkého opevnění na Pohansku Břeclav
•  Military monument
Naučná stezka Břeclav - Janohrad
Naučná stezka Břeclav - Janohrad Břeclav
•  Nature trails and bike paths


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