The village of Bulhary lies on the right bank of the Dyje river in the east corner of the Pálava PLA about 10 km northeast of Mikulov.


In the cadastre of the Bulhary village, a number of archaeological findings were discovered which show that this area had been inhabited almost continuously since the Stone Age. In the route of the Pustý zámek chateau, an interesting, probably medieval fortified settlement can be found. The actual settlement was established in about 12th century by German colonists, like other villages of this area. In 1332 the Liechtensteins were the owners of the village, which remained the part of the Lednice Estate until 1848.


From local landmarks we should mention the church of St. Giles. The current building dates from 1770 when the original church, consecrated in 1582, was dismantled and rebuilt. In Bulhary there are also several listed rustic farms with baroque arrangements of gables. Interesting elements in the vicinity of the church include the baroque gate of a cemetery and a mortuary. By the bridge over the Dyje river stands a sculpture of St. John of Nepomuk; and on the way to Lednice and Nejdek there are two precious wayside shrines.


The village of Bulhary partly lies in the Pálava Protected Landscape Area. Eastern slopes of the rugged Milovická pahorkatina hills are covered by species-rich Pannonian oak-hornbeam and thermophilic oak forests. Today they are used to game keeping in a game preserve. In the floodplain of the Dyje river, especially in flood land between dykes, floodplain forests and the remains of floodplain meadows have been preserved.


Bulhary 88
691 89 Bulhary


phone number: 519 340 722

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Kostel sv. Jiljí Bulhary
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