Hlohovec lies on the bank of the Hlohovecký rybník lake in the middle of Lednice-Valtice Area between Lednice and Valtice, about 15 km west of Břeclav.


The beginnings of the village fall back to the 13th century. Its cadastre was passed by the original Moravian-Austrian border. The village ceased to exist in wars and in 1570 was occupied by Croatian population.


The most notable monument of Hlohovec is the classicist Hraniční zámeček mansion built in 1826 on the banks of the Hlohovecký rybník lake. We can read the inscription Zwischen Österreich und Mähren on its face, pointing out that the mansion stands on the spot through which the border was passing until 1920. After extensive renovation completed in 1996 it houses a pleasant restaurant. The local landmarks also include the church of St. John of Nepomuk built in 1832-1835, which today is dedicated to St. Bartholomew. Listed is also the sculpture of St. Florian on the village square and a wayside shrine by the road to Valtice.

Cultural Events

The village still lives lively ethnic tourism. Twice a year there is a traditional costume Moravian Slovakia festival to be held on public holidays dedicated to both former and current patron of the local church. The May festival takes place on Sunday after the feast of St. John of Nepomuk (16 May) and the traditional festival every August on Sunday and Monday after the feast of St. Bartholomew (24 August). Cymbalo music resounds on the wines shows regularly held on Easter Sunday in the local cultural centre. Worth seeing is undoubtedly the annual fishing out of the Hlohovecký rybník lake, taking place always in November.


North of the village lies Hlohovecký rybník lake, which is part of the national nature reserve Lednické rybníky lakes announced already in 1953 as the waterfowl protection area. Part of the forest stands, especially around the lakes, was given the form of a park and numerous exotic woods were planted there. West of the village tertiary limestone can be seen (Stará hora mountain) in which the rest of remarkable prairie grasses was preserved. The Bezručova alej alley passes the cadastre, which is valuable from the landscape point of view.


Hlavní 75
691 43 Hlohovec


phone number: +420 519 354 103
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