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The Lichtensteins gained Valtice already in the late 14th century. When in the early 17th century they reached the princely title, they promoted Valtice to the residence of the ruling prince. They moved up from Valtice to the Principality of Liechtenstein, which had been formed in 1719, only in 1938. The Lichtenstein family was a very powerful one, and the level of the residential chateau and its surroundings had to correspond to it. The town centre is dominated by gems of Baroque architecture - the chateau and the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, associated with the names of master-builders Fischer von Erlach, Martinelli and Ospelt. The period chateau interiors are viewed by sixty thousand visitors every year.

Under the chateau slope is a square with a fountain from 1896 and the Marian Column from 1680 in the middle. In addition to the mentioned Baroque church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary the Neo-Renaissance town hall from 1887 can be also found there as well as the building with an exhibition of the National Museum of Agriculture. The town centre was surrounded by a stone wall, the remains of which are still preserved in several places. Other important buildings include the buildings of the wine school and the monastery complex with a church and hospital.

In the vicinity of the town there is a number of the so-called Salettes, intended to underline the romantic beauty of local nature. We can mention, for example, the observation Rajstna Colonnade, Diana’s Temple, chapel of St. Hubert or the Temple of Three Graces.


nám. Svobody 21
691 42 Valtice


phone number: +420 519 301 400
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