Around the town, near the Austrian border the remains of downy oak woods (Rajsna, Kačišdorfský háj) have been preserved and in places also steppe grasslands (Kameníky). Northeast of Valtice on the sands lies a vast complex of the Boří les forest, consisting of pine plantation and thermophilous oak forests with Carex fritschii Waisbecker (the national natural monument Rendezvous). In the northwest there is the national nature reserve Lednické rybníky ponds (an important ornithological site, on the banks halophytic flora in some places). In the chateau park we can see some notable exotic species. Exotic trees can be sometimes found also in the Boří les forest. The road connecting Valtice and Lednice is skirted by the Bezručova alej alley, an important element from the landscape point of view.

In Valtice, there is an exhibition of the National Museum of Agriculture dedicated to the development of flower, fruit and vegetable growing.


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