It is said about Valtice that there the wine is “under the lock”, which is the allusion to the beautiful chateau cellars (the Czech language has the same word for “chateau” and “lock”), where the wine has been kept for centuries to mature. Valtice is one of the important centres of the Mikulov wine region. The Secondary Wine School has been based here since 1873; it is the oldest school of this type in the country. Given that Valticko belonged to Lower Austria until 1920, the Valtice school is also the oldest wine school in this federal country. In the cellars of the Valtice chateau the National Wine Centre is based, as well as the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic, which collects one hundred best wines from around the country. In the town there is an exhibition devoted, apart from flower, fruit and vegetable growing, also to viticulture. The well known company Vinné sklepy Valtice has its own exhibition in the Valtice chateau cellar, too.

The attractions of viticulture in and around Valtice can be experienced from the wine trail; the Mikulov wine cycle path will take you also to Hlohovec and Lednice.

Of the interesting wine-related events we can mention the traditional May Valtice Wine Market, a prestigious show of the finest wines, appreciated both by laymen and experts. In March, the Valtice Wine Tasting Event is held, in October Valtice Grape Harvest Festival and in November the year is concluded by solemn consecration of wine.


nám. Svobody 21
691 42 Valtice


phone number: +420 519 301 400
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