Brod nad Dyjí


The wine municipality of Brod nad Dyjí is situated on the southwestern bank of Nové Mlýny dam, approximately 15 km northwest of Mikulov.


The municipality originated in the 13th century. Its first mention in written records comes from 1355. Soon afterwards it was abandoned and in 1660’s almost two dozens of villeins settled there. In 1629, the village was pillaged by the imperial army. Until 1848, it belonged under the Drnholec manor.


The local sights include primarily the Church of St. John of Nepomuk (Czech: Sv. Jan Nepomucký) from 1770 and the statue of St. Florian and John of Nepomuk on the village square. Listed monuments also include the chapel on the hilltop on the village outskirts and house no. 83.


To the north of the village, there is the so-called Bird’s Peninsula (Czech: Ptačí poloostrov) running into the upper Mušov dam, which has become a precious ornithological site. The southern part of the land extends to the hills called Dunajovické kopce, partly covered with steppe heathland, protected as the National Nature Reserve of Dunajovické kopce.


The municipality of Brod lies on the Mikulov Wine Trail, there is a campsite there.


Brod nad Dyjí
Brod nad Dyjí 45
691 81 Brod nad Dyjí


phone number: +420 519 520 950

Tourist sights

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National Nature Reserve of Dunajovické kopce Březí Dolní Dunajovice Dobré Pole Brod nad Dyjí
•  Fauna and flora •  Protected area
Kostel sv. Jana Nepomuckého Brod nad Dyjí
•  Religious Sites


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