Dolní Dunajovice


One of the biggest wine municipalities in Moravia, Dolní Dunajovice, is located in the undulating agricultural land, about 10 km to the northwest of Mikulov.


In the area of the municipality, a burial-ground from the period preceding the Great Moravia was discovered in the past, providing important evidence of settlement in the 6th-8th centuriesin the region. Dolní Dunajovice was first mentioned in 1245. Before the Thirty Years’ War, winegrowing was very important for the economy of the municipality. In 1580, Dolní Dunajovice was promoted to a townlet, markets used to take place there and it also had the right of torture, after which a listed pillory remained near the Church.


The local landmark is the parochial Church of St. Giles (Czech: Sv. Jiljí) from the early 16th century. An extant rarity is the pillory from the early 18th century near the Church. Listed monuments also include the rectory building, houses no. 187 in the Poštovní Street and no. 59 in the Hlavní Street, two wayside shrines in the fields and three sculptures: St. Florian, St. Marek and St. John of Nepomuk (Czech: Jan Nepomucký). Gables of some granges were influenced by the town Baroque architecture of nearby Mikulov and reflected the wealth of their owners, similarly as the Baroque gables of winepress cellars on the foothill of the Dunajovické kopce, to the east of the municipality.

Cultural traditions

Feasts are organized the first weekend of September, Mardi Gras is also interesting, organized at the beginning of the Lent before Easter. The townlet was also the birthplace of former Austrian President Karl Renner (1870–1950), which is recorded on a plaque on his former home.


The steep slopes of hills called Velká slunečná, Jánská hora and Liščí kopec are covered with steppe grassland and fallow land, which have been a part of the National Nature Reserve of Dunajovické kopce since 1990. This reserve belongs to the most important localities of steppe flora and fauna in South Moravia.


Dolní Dunajovice
Zahradní 613
691 85 Dolní Dunajovice


phone number: +420 519 500 053, 519 517 105
fax: 519 500 050

Tourist sights

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National Nature Reserve of Dunajovické kopce Březí Dolní Dunajovice Dobré Pole Brod nad Dyjí
•  Fauna and flora •  Protected area
Kostel sv. Jiljí Dolní Dunajovice
•  Religious Sites


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