Mikulov – náměstí s Dietrichsteinskou hrobkou a Svatý kopeček (800x600, 151.47 KB)
Mikulov – Kozí hrádek (512x600, 37.79 KB)
Mikulov – sgrafitový dům U rytířů (596x600, 64.06 KB)
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From whatever side you are approaching Mikulov, it will always welcome you with a unique skyline with the silhouette of the Castle, Svatý kopeček and Kozí hrádek. The historic medieval town centre has been declared an urban conservation reserve already in 1952. The main landmark is the Renaissance Castle, in its most famous time it was the seat of Olomouc Cardinal Bishop František Dietrichstein. At that time, Mikulov was the actual capital of Moravia. Today the Castle houses valuable collections which can be seen on the permanent exhibitions of the Regional Museum. Totally unique are wine exhibitions with a huge barrel and timber presses in the Castle cellars. Mikulov is the starting point of the educational Wine Trail, which acquaints visitors with winegrowing and traditions of the Mikulov wine region on the route through Pálava.

On the square, the most notable of the houses is the Renaissance house U rytířů, decorated with sgraffito. The area is lively thanks to a monumental Baroque pillar of the Holy Trinity. A landmark on the eastern side of the square is the Dietrichstein tomb, open to public. An important chapter of Mikulov history was written by the Jews. The size and strength of the local community is reflected by the large cemetery and important monuments which are described in the educational route in the Jewish Quarter.

One of the biggest buildings in Mikulov is the parish and collegiate Gothic Church of St. Wenceslas (Czech: Sv. Václav). The Church of St. John the Baptist (Czech: Sv. Jan Křtitel) with impressive interior paintings was a part of a complex of the Piarist grammar school. The silhouette of the Svatý kopeček, a hill which became an important pilgrimage place in the 17th century, is crowned with the Church of St. Sebastian, a bell tower and a chapel of the Stations of the Cross. There is a nice view of the town from the Castle lookout, Svatý kopeček and a tower of Kozí hrádek.


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