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The town lies in the southern part of the Protected Land Area of Pálava, between the limestone barrier reefs of Turold and Svatý kopeček. Turold, damaged by past limestone mining, is an important nature reserve with a vast cave system, which is a hibernaculum of many bat species (e.g. endangered Lesser Horseshoe Bat). Interesting places of Turold are presented on an educational route. The most beautiful examples of rock steppe are protected by the Nature Reserve of Svatý kopeček, other types of steppe vegetation, incl. very rare Oat Grass (Helictotrichon desertorum), are protected in the Nature Reserve of Šibeničník, southwards of the town. A smaller protected area with thermophilic flora is the Nature Reserve of Růžový kopec. To the northeast of the town, there is a big Milovice forest consisting of a mosaic of thermophilic oak and Pannonian oak-hornbeam forests. Beneath it, on the Kienberg hillock, Tertiary sediments of the Vienna basin are visible; a nature reserve of the same name protects a rich fossil site. Reed swamps and wetlands around ponds Nový rybník and Šibeničník are an important waterfowl breeding place.

The Administration of the Pálava Protected Landscape Area is located in Mikulov.


Náměstí 1
692 20 Mikulov


phone number: +420 519 444 555
fax: +420 519 444 500
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