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Mikulov is the centre of the Mikulov winegrowing area, famous mainly for white varieties – Ryzlink vlašský (Welschriesling) and Veltlínské zelené (Grüner Veltliner). One can learn a lot about viticulture and wines in the exposition of the Regional Museum of Mikulov in the Castle, which also includes a huge barrel of 101 thousand litres and several robust timber presses. The educational Wine Trail will guide you through the interesting places of the Mikulov winegrowing area. Two bicycle routes of the Moravian Wine Trails go through Mikulov – the Mikulov and the Moravian Wine routes.

The most important wine-related event is the Pálava Vintage Festival in September, with more than fifty years of tradition. Every year, the vintage festival attracts thousands of fans of entertainment and good Mikulov wines and young wines (Czech: burčák). The programme does not stop the whole weekend and lovers of folk cimbalom music as well as rock will have a good time.

You can select wines from a number of wine shops in Mikulov.


Náměstí 1
692 20 Mikulov


phone number: +420 519 444 555
fax: +420 519 444 500
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