Mikulov lies near the border with Austria, in the southern part of the Protected Land Area of Pálava, about 30 km to the west of Břeclav, and belongs to the important centres in South Moravia. Mikulov used to be a part of the line of fortresses, protecting the unsettled border with Austria. The historic medieval town centre is protected as an urban conservation area. Its main landmark is a Renaissance castle, nowadays housing the Regional Museum with a famous wine-related exhibition. The Jewish Cemetery, a synagogue and church buildings on the pilgrimage place called Svatý kopeček (Holy Hill) are worth seeing. Mikulov is surrounded with the nature of Pálava, there are two nature reserves in the close vicinity – Svatý kopeček and Turold with a cave system. Noteworthy events include the International Guitar Festival in July, plastic art symposium – Dílna – in August and three events in September: international festival of choral singing – Kampanila, vintage festival – Pálavské vinobraní, and Marian pilgrimage to Svatý kopeček.


Náměstí 1
692 20 Mikulov


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fax: +420 519 444 500
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