The big wine municipality of Novosedly lies about 15 km to the west of Mikulov.


Novosedly originated no later than in the early 13th century. The village belonged to the Drnholec manor. The village obtained from Jan from Liechtenstein, in the year 1552, the right of local vine-yards and wine bar-room right. The village was in year 1576 elevated on little town. The community suffered greatly in wars especially in Czech-Hungarian wars in 15th century, in Thirty Years War and at the beginning of 19th century during French army invasion. In 19th century died of cholera 128 people. Until the end of World War II, the inhabitants were mostly of German nationality, with only a Czech minority living there.


The major landmark of the municipality is the parochial Church of St. Ulrich (Czech: Sv. Oldřich) with a chapel of St. Roch (Rochus), one of the few original Romanesque church buildings in the Břeclav region. The original Romanesque phase is hidden under the later Gothic and younger adaptations, nonetheless, Romanesque windows can be seen in the attic where they were uncovered during the restoration of the temple in 1946. Romanesque blocks and other structural elements of the walls were preserved. Other listed monuments include an interesting Tuscan pillar with Madonna from the end of the 17th century on the village square.


In 1993, the Nature Reserve of Slanisko Novosedly was established in the municipality area. It protects one of the last remains of South Moravian salt marshes with many rare species of plants and insects.


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691 82 Novosedly


phone number: +420 519 521 331
fax: 519 521 331


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