Plan your stay

Create your own guide from the list of popular destinations, services or events and easily return to them on your next visit to this portal.

Add everything of interest to your list

Each tourist destination, service, town, municipality or other object may be put on a list by clicking on the “add to my plan” button (always on the beginning of a page, on the right next to the viewed object name). You can get to your list by clicking on the “add to my plan” button in the head of the portal. The list of favourite items is located in the left box under the name I’m interested in.

Register and enjoy more benefits

Selected items can be inserted in the list without registration, however, this list is only temporary and is lost after leaving the portal. Only after registering your user account you can anytime come back to your favourite items. Besides clearly arranged fast links, connected registered users then may get also a tool for creation of their own routes and stay programmes.

Create your own tour guide

You can create your own stay programme easily from favourite items or by choosing from a full catalogue (a box on the left – My programmes). You can plan in detail, day by day, and at the end you will get your own guide. If you input a precise date of stay, the system will propose all events taking place on given dates on the place of the planned stay. You can, of course, arbitrarily modify your itinerary and create any number of personal programmes. You can print your guide to have it with you during the travel or you can carry it with you in your notebook.

Realizováno v rámci projektu Tvorba a propagace produktů,
realizace marketingové kampaně v turistické oblasti Pálava a LVA.
Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropskou unií.