Rest in South Moravia

Come to enjoy water and sun in the warmest places of the Czech Republic. The most popular centre of water recreation in South Moravia is Pasohlávky. This complex for family vacation on the banks of the Nové Mlýny dams is sought for by the lovers of swimming, windsurfing and other water sports. Near Pasohlávky, there is the historic town of Mikulov with a huge wine barrel, the Protected Land Area of Pálava with romantic castle ruins, many family wine cellars and viticulture. You can explore the surroundings on foot, horseback or bicycle.

1. day

arrival in Pasohlávky and accommodation at RZ Laguna or ATC Merkur; sport/relaxation activities at ATC. Sports opportunities at ATC Merkur Pasohlávky: windsurfing, minigolf , beach volleyball, sports trampolines, tennis courts, volleyball court, water slide • bike rentals, boat, paddleboat rentals, ATV rentals • adrenaline sports: water skiing, aquaskipper, zorbing and aquazorbing, wakeboarding, sailing, canoeing down the River Dyje, balloon rides, aereal sightseeing tour of Pálava Hills, Segway, archery, hang gliding, seven-mile shoes |

2. day

morning: tour of Pasohlávky and archaeological exhibits; afternoon: sports/relaxation activities at ATC |

3. day

In search of wine – by bicycle; route: Pasohlávky › |
Bavory (wine tasting) |
Mikulov (tour of historic town center, chateau, and several exhibits, Dietrichstein Tomb,...) |
Nový Přerov (tour of a farm Jáňův dvůr) |
Novosedly (excursion to the Stará hora instructional trail, winery tour, wine tasting) |
Brod nad Dyjí › Pasohlávky |

4. day

Waterborne outing. Morning: Boat ride around Mušov Reservoir. From the boat you will see the limestone ridge of the Pálava Hills. The boat anchors at Camp Merkur, and goes as far as Brod nad Dyjí. Afternoon: sports relaxation activities at ATC |

5. day

Pálava Hills: All-day trip to the Pálava Hills protected landscape area (a UNESCO-protected site). The ridge of the Pálava is crowned by the castle ruins of Děvičky and Sirotčí hrádek, with their unparalleled views of South Moravia and Lower Austria. |

6. day

By bike around the Nové Mlýny Reservoirs (bicycle outing, length about 27 km). The route begins at the popular Pasohlávky recreational area and leads around the Nové Mlýny Reservoirs along the newly-installed Věstonice Reservoir Instructional Trail. This is a popular, easy route that connects onto the broader regional network of bicycle routes, making it possible to plan outings according to difficulty and theme, whether to nearby areas or to the neighboring region of Lower Austria. |

7. day

end of stay, departure |

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