Mikulov Instructional Wine Trail

The twenty-kilometer-long Mikulov Instructional Wine Trail can be traveled on foot, by bike, or even by car.

The route starts at the parking lot across from the Komerční banka in Mikulov, where there is a panel with introductory information. From here the route continues through the square, where you can stop at the tourist information center for the latest information on open cellars and wine events along the trail. The route then continues to the wine villages below the Pálava Hills…

The route continues to Horní Věstonice and then Dolní Věstonice, where the famous prehistoric artifact the Venus of Věstonice was found. The next stop on the route is Pavlov, one of the best-preserved wine villages with unique rustic Baroque architecture. The last leg goes through the woods via the road to Klentnice, lying below the ruins of Sirotčí Castle. Here at the intersection of the road to Perná is the seventeenth and final panel, telling of the viticulture, vintners, and their land below the Pálava Hills.

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