Valtice Instructional Wine Trail

Valtice is called the “wine capital”, and after Mikulov it is the second center of viticulture in the region. A five-kilometer instructional trail starts right near the chateau on the town’s main square.

The route, which can be traveled by foot or bike, has a total of twelve stops, and leads through the town and the surrounding area.

From the starting point the route leads out through the chateau park to the vineyards around Valtice. Information panels tell about the year-round work in the vineyards. At the highest point of the wine trail, on Rajstna Hill above Valtice, a romantic colonnade overlooks the entire Lednice-Valtice Area, an area so unique that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From there it continues through the vineyards down to the Secondary Viticulture School, and back to the historic center of town. Here you can end your walk at one of the many wine cellars, or at the newly-opened Valtice Underground, where you can compare what you have learned along the trail with the facts in the cellar.

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